FARE sells merchandise and materials to help you learn about food allergies, educate others, and raise awareness. Proceeds from each purchase go to help fund food allergy research. FARE invests in basic and clinical research to develop new therapies to prevent life-threatening food allergy reactions, to discover the cause of food allergies and to understand the economic and psycho-social impact of this disease.

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FARE Teal Sunglasses Be A PAL Pack FARE Flat Water Bottle
FARE Teal Sunglasses
Our Price: $3.95
Be A PAL Pack
Our Price: $34.95
FARE Flat Water Bottle
Our Price: $8.95
Common Symptoms of Anaphylaxis Magnet FARE Safe for the Summer Pack Food Allergy Action Hero Stickers (2 Sheets)
Epinephrine Mate Waist Pack FARE Food Allergy Tags
FARE Food Allergy Tags
Our Price: $7.95